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R&RAt Ransom & Randolph (R&R), Investing with Innovation™ is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life.

Dedicated to advancing the investment casting industry, we take pride in providing foundries with extensive process knowledge, exceptional technical expertise and innovative product technology. By coupling our revolutionary product developments with our experienced staff, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, we successfully help you become a casting industry leader. Committed to partnering directly with you to identify your process hurdles, casting objectives and company goals, our team consults with you to customize a precise solution tailored specifically to fit your foundry’s needs.

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NEW! SuspendaSlurry® ZR material



We are pleased to introduce SuspendaSlurry® ZR material for ferrous metal casting. Formulated with 100% zircon refractory flour, SUSPENDASLURRY ZR material provides industrial casters with a pre-made slurry that does not require continuous mixing.

  • Developed to eliminate costs associated with continuous mixing and slurries lost to electrical failure
  • Simplifies the initial mixing process by eliminating the need to weigh and mix binder and refractory components
  • Based on R&R’s leading primary binder technology, offers benefits over standard colloidal silica shells: such as stronger layers; reduced buckling, lifting or cracking defects; and simplified slurry maintenance
  • SUSPENDASLURRY ZR material is available in 100 and 600 pound slurries

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Process-Related Defects Slowing Down Your Foundry?

Foundry R SpallDo you find your foundry struggling with spalling? Rest assured...you are not alone.

Foundry R experienced spalling defects that varied in degree for several years. They turned to the experts at R&R to assist them in resolving this process-related issue. The R&R team worked closely with Foundry R to evaluate and analyze the problem in an effort to customize a precise solution tailored specifically to fit Foundry R’s needs.

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NEW! Plasticast PT Investment & Binder

plasticast pt intro

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Water-based, two-part system for casting rapid prototype pattern materials & high temperature alloys

  • High expanding, extra high strength investment
  • Ideally suited for investing & burnout of commonly used plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials
  • Compatible with standard wax patterns for high temperature metal casting
  • Maintains mold surface & dimensional integrity for high temperature metal casting
  • Eliminates acid-based binder hazard associated with common two-part platinum investments
  • Eliminates special investing flask preparation requirements