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R&RAt Ransom & Randolph (R&R), Investing with Innovation™ is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life.

Dedicated to advancing the investment casting industry, we take pride in providing foundries with extensive process knowledge, exceptional technical expertise and innovative product technology. By coupling our revolutionary product developments with our experienced staff, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, we successfully help you become a casting industry leader. Committed to partnering directly with you to identify your process hurdles, casting objectives and company goals, our team consults with you to customize a precise solution tailored specifically to fit your foundry’s needs.

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Knockout Machine

PKI New Generation Pusher Burnout-Preheat Furnace

New Generation
Pusher Burnout/
Preheat Furnace

PKI New Generation Wax Burnout Furnace

New Generation
Wax Burnout Furnace

SuspendaSlurry Material


Customer Testimonials

TestimonialsSUSPENDASLURRY material

"I love the product!!! I cast one small item just to see how it would come out and it's great. It's so user friendly and forgiving. Shell removal was so easy compared to what I'm used to."
~ Confidential Client, US, Art Caster

"Great product. Very simple to use, the shell doesn't crack – it’s nice and strong."
~ Confidential Client, US, Art Caster

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