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NEW! SuspendaSlurry® ZR Material


We are pleased to introduce SuspendaSlurry® ZR material for ferrous metal casting. Formulated with 100% zircon refractory flour, SUSPENDASLURRY ZR material provides industrial casters with a pre-made slurry that does not require continuous mixing.

  • Developed to eliminate costs associated with continuous mixing and slurries lost to electrical failure

  • Simplifies the initial mixing process by eliminating the need to weigh and mix binder and refractory components

  • Based on R&R’s leading primary binder technology, offers benefits over standard colloidal silica shells: such as stronger layers; reduced buckling, lifting or cracking defects; and simplified slurry maintenance

  • SUSPENDASLURRY ZR material is available in 100 and 600 pound slurries

Learn More: Product Data Sheet
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FAQs for Using SUSPENDASLURRY Materials


At R&R, we recognize how important your time is. That's why we want you to be able to locate the information and assistance you need in a timely manner.

We are pleased to offer you access to our SUSPENDASLURRY materials FAQs. With quick and easy accessibility, the answers you need are right at your fingertips.

If you do not find an answer to your technical question, ask R&R's Ceramic Shell Technical Support.

Planning Your Capital Expenditures for 2017?


Need to make operating improvements or equipment upgrades in the New Year? Or do you simply just want to make your foundry more efficient?

Let the experts at R&R help! We offer a complete line of Cleveland Tool & Machine (CTM) wax and core injection equipment and Pacific Kiln (PKI) shell room, dewax, burnout and preheat equipment to meet your needs.

To discuss your equipment requirements or secure a quote for your needs, please contact us today!

newsR&R Casting Connection

October 2016

Inside this Issue:
Simplify Ferrous Casting - This July, we introduced SUSPENDASLURRY ZR for ferrous metal casting. After two months, casters report not only excellent results, but unanticipated benefits as well.
Visit Us at ICI 2016 - Meet us at the Expo in Booth 312 to learn more or to discuss your casting goals and how R&R can help you achieve those goals.
Eliminate Drying Guesswork - ReDip™ indicator takes the guesswork out of shell drying.
Managing Freezable Shipments - During winter months, freezable materials, like colloidal silica based binders, should be shipped as early as possible in the week to ensure that they are continuously moving to their destination.
R&R 2016 Holiday Schedule - Please consider these closing dates when planning for your material needs.
Troubleshooting Non-Fill Wax Defects - R&R recommends utilizing the following potential causes and corrective actions for troubleshooting non-fill wax pattern related defects in your foundry.

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