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R&RAt Ransom & Randolph (R&R), Investing with Innovation™ is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life.

Dedicated to advancing the investment casting industry, we have provided foundries with extensive process knowledge, exceptional technical expertise and innovative product technology since the 1800s. By coupling our revolutionary product developments with our experienced staff, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, we successfully help you become a casting industry leader. Committed to partnering directly with you to identify your process hurdles and casting goals, our team consults with you to customize a precise solution tailored specifically to fit your foundry’s needs.

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R&R Product Spotlight

Introducing SuspendaSlurry™ material
R&R is pleased to announce the launch of SUSPENDASLURRY material, a ready-to-use ceramic shell slurry.

Developed to eliminate costs associated with continuous mixing and to simplify the initial mixing process, SUSPENDASLURRY material’s pre-mixed, chemically suspended ceramic shell slurry eliminates the need to weigh and mix binder and refractory components.

After Sitting For Three Weeks

Primcote slurry
Standard Primary Slurry
After Sitting For 24 Hours

Available from R&R’s Maumee, Ohio manufacturing plant, SUSPENDASLURRY material is available in 50 pound or 300 pound slurry buckets (stuccos are sold separately).

Based on R&R’s leading primary binder technology, using SUSPENDASLURRY material allows casters added benefits over standard colloidal silica shells: such as stronger layers; reduced buckling, lifting or cracking defects; and simplified slurry maintenance.

To order material, please contact your R&R Regional Manager or customer service at 800.253.4502 today!

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Winter Weather Reminder!

Managing Shipments of Freezable Materials
During winter months, freezable materials, like colloidal silica based binders, should be shipped as early as possible in the week to ensure that they are continuously moving to their destination. While this does not guarantee product will not freeze, it reduces the risk associated with shipping over a weekend where product may sit at a freight facility unprotected from freezing temperatures.

To help you ensure that the product you receive has not been damaged, Ransom & Randolph applies a freeze check indicator, which features a check mark in a green circle. Temperature-sensitive liquid is encased in a clear bubble over the check mark. The fluid will turn opaque and the check mark is no longer visible once it has been exposed to subfreezing temperatures.

Freeze Check Indicator

If this occurs, immediately:

  1. Make a notation on your carrier delivery receipt prior to the carrier leaving your facility:
  2. Contact R&R customer service to have a freeze test kit sent to you. The material will need to be tested as soon as possible. Instructions will be inside the kit as how to proceed.

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