Ransom & Randolph supplies mold-making material for many types of industrial casting processes,

  • Solid mold (block mold) casting
  • Plaster mold casting
  • Ceramic mold casting

Solid Mold (Block Mold) Casting
Solid mold (block mold) lost wax casting is an established method of industrial casting.  The
investment is mixed with water to create a slurry that is typically poured around a wax pattern and
allowed to set or harden.  After proper curing, the pattern is removed by either steam or dry heat to
create a hollow void.  This void is then filled with molten metal by a variety of methods.

Plaster Mold Casting
Plaster mold casting utilizes reusable patterns that are physically removed from the pattern.  In this
process, metal casting plasters (MCPTM) are mixed with water and the slurry is poured over the pattern. 
After the plaster has set or hardened, the pattern is pulled from the plaster mold.  This mold is then
cured in an oven to remove moisture before molten metal is poured.

Ceramic Mold Casting
Ceramic mold casting, also known as the “Shaw Process”, utilizes ceramic material (RefractomixTM)
with an alcohol-based binder.  After mixing the ceramic and the binder, this slurry is poured over the
pattern.  After the ceramic mold has set, the mold is then torched to remove the alcohol.  The mold is
then placed in an oven to heat to the desired casting temperature before the molten metal is poured.

Glass Casting
Ransom & Randolph has a complete line of materials for casting glass. 
For more information on these products, go to our web store:  www.glass-cast.com


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