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The History of R&R

Founder John Ransom

Founder Thaddius Randolph

R&R Barber Chairs Advertisement

In Toledo, Ohio, 1872, John Ransom founded a company to provide supplies, instruments, and furniture for barbers, doctors, and dentists. His brother-in-law, Thaddius Randolph, would later become partner in 1892 and The Ransom & Randolph Co. was incorporated.

In 1900, R&R was already manufacturing and supplying dental products to over 37 countries worldwide. Still growing, R&R was dedicated to advancing the global investment casting industry, taking pride in providing casters with extensive process knowledge, exceptional technical expertise, and innovative product technology. 


By 1910, R&R was already a renowned leader in the lost wax casting of metals industry. This leadership role led to the expansion of lost-wax casting into industrial applications in the 1940s and into the forefront of ceramic shell casting technology in the 1960s.

Ransom & Randolph (R&R) quickly grew to become a leader in the investment casting industry.  became a worldwide leader in the dental industry, merging with Dentsply International in 1964. In 2020, R&R set its sights as an independent business to proudly offer traditional lab products worldwide once again under the R&R brand. 

In this time of change our approach is simple: offer the products our customers need today. We trust that with every purchase, you will experience our vast years of knowledge, quality and service. These commitments have allowed R&R to establish unique relationships with customers, creating loyalty and partnerships that have resulted in a vibrant 150+ year-old business.

By coupling revolutionary product developments with experienced staff and manufacturing and warehousing facilities worldwide, R&R successfully helps customers become casting industry leaders. R&R looks forward to many more years of success ahead.

1977 R&R Dental Catalog

1977 R&R Warehouses

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