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R&R's roots run deep in the dental industry. Starting in 1872, we provided supplies, instruments and furniture to dentists. Later, we continued on to develop revolutionary dental products, such as investments for casting gold dental inlays. Today, R&R is pleased to offer a variety of dental products for modeling and investing applications.

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Made in the USA


Designed for casting dental models that can be used to make custom trays, orthodontic appliances and mouth guards and to diagnosis for prosthetic or orthodontic treatment.​​

Glastone® 3000 die stone

Tuff-Stone™ resin die stone

FiberStone™ resin die stone

Master Model™ die stone

Tuff-Stone™ die stone

Uni-Rock™ dental stone

Glastone® dental stone

Castone® dental stone

LabStone® dental stone

OrthoStone dental stone


Dental grade plasters with exceptional strength and quality. Ideal for model work, articulation, and general laboratory use.

Ortho Plaster

Model Plaster


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Duplicating Materials

Designed to produce refractory models, dental stone models, or molds for the fabrication of partial and full dentures utilizing the fluid resin casting technique.

Multiflex™ duplicating materials

Uniflex™ duplicating material (formerly known as Polyflex® duplicating material)

Perflex® duplicating material

Instaflex™ Concentrate duplicating material

Lab-Flex™ 16 silicone rubber

Lab-Flex™ dental putties

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Waxes & Resin Patterns


FlexForm™ Resin Patterns

Alloys & Support Materials
Support Materials
Buy Dental Casting Materials
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