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Technical Service & Support


R&R’s uncompromising commitment to upgrading the technology and efficiency of investment casting foundries has benefited casters around the world. R&R employs a technical staff to support customers with a focus on constant improvement. R&R continues to see solutions and provide innovations which lead the precision investment casting industry into the future.

Interested in scheduling a foundry process audit, need process training or just need general technical support? Email our technical team at:​

Foundry Process Auditing
  • R&R’s product and application staff performs process audits and assists customers in optimizing their production capabilities


Product Application Assistance​
  • Slurry Control Training

    • In order to get the best slurry or investment performance, it is important to maintain materials in a consistent manner

    • R&R’s product and application staff is available to provide on-site training to foundry personnel

  • Slurry Control Testing

    • R&R supports its customers by providing slurry control test data and advice on necessary adjustments, as requested by the individual foundry

  • Investment Application Training

    • We also provide investment application training for our customers to help them optimize the process

Process Training
  • R&R’s product and application staff regularly provides training and process assistance to customers

  • Hands-on, small group training is available on-site or at R&R’s product development laboratories and foundry


Defect Analysis & Troubleshooting
  • R&R’s product and application staff reviews castings to determine potential defect causes

  • Once reviewed, R&R works closely with the customer to improve casting results


Research & Development (R&D)
  • R&R employs an R&D staff dedicated to developing products that improve performance and casting efficiency in the foundry

  • Products unique to R&R’s portfolio and those specifically tailored to the individual foundry application are born from the efforts of this team

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