Testing Capabilities

Technical Support

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Testing Laboratory
  • R&R exclusive tests

    • Shells Capacity to Resist Autoclave Pressure (SCRAP)

    • Spalling load measurement


Particle Size Analysis
  • US sieves

  • Microtrac laser particle size analyzer

  • Beckman Coulter PSA

    • Wet and dry capabilities

  • Beckman Coulter surface area analyzer


Slurry Testing Laboratory

In an effort to assist customers experiencing slurry problems, R&R’s complete slurry testing laboratory can analyze all your slurry properties.

  • Binder solids

  • Refractory solids

  • Total solids

  • Binder pH

  • Gelation test

  • Slurry density

  • Binder specific gravity

  • Loss on Ignition (LOI)

  • Antifoam test

  • Wetting test

  • Bacteria test


These test results are typically available for your review within 24 hours after we receive your slurry.