Mold-Mix 50/50 investment

  • Basic mold mix blend for casting glass

  • Offers glass casters the familiar plaster/silica blend (ready made, just add water)

  • Made with fresh and certified raw materials in ISO certified production facility

  • A thoroughly blended, ready-to-use material

  • Working time and setting time for each batch are tested prior to leaving the manufacturing facility

  • Simply look at the label to understand how the material will work in your mold making process

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Customer Testimonials & Art Gallery
Mary Volm

"A good 50/50 product. This product is better than most out there."


Tim Stover

"Mold-Mix 50/50 investment is my go to choice for mold making. It’s fast set time is ideal for hand building layers, and it leaves a great surface on the glass. I recommend it to anyone who wants strong molds without the hassle of premixing the plaster and silica."