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Neoloy® Plus CoCr alloy

  • Provides excellent quality for cobalt-chromium cast partial dentures

  • Excellent for torch casting or induction casting

  • Cylindrical ingot design provides quick melting and reduces oxidation

  • Delivers inclusion-free precision castings with adjustable spring hardness, fracture resistant elasticity, and a brilliant luster, highly resistant to corrosion

  • Consistent performance and longevity under repeated masticatory force

  • Longevity due to yield strength and modulus of elasticity which prevent deformation of the primary framework and clasps

  • A strong, passive protective oxide layer formulation, preventing corrosion damage

  • Comfort, wearability, and lasting beauty

  • Applications

    • Removable partial denture frameworks

    • Clasps

    • Saddles

    • Implant superstructures

    • Sub-structure for polymer resins (acrylic & composites)

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