Glass-Cast™ 910 investment

  • A staple in the glass casting community

  • Widely recognized as the strongest mold material available for glass casting on the market today

  • The glass caster's best choice for large pieces or configurations that will place significant stress on the mold material

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Customer Testimonials & Art Gallery
Al Heilman

"Great product and technical support."


Carol Christensen-Day

"I have already made several molds for glass casting and I really like this material. It's much easier to use than Castalot or plaster - and seems to produce very nice molds.


I really liked the calculator for determining water and investment ratio. I'm mixing with a mixer on a drill - that works well. On one of 4 molds I made yesterday I tried to push the mold out of its plastic container too soon - and the mold cracked. The other 3, where I waited a bit longer were just fine. You may want to mention that letting mold set for at least 1/2 hour improves quality in your usage notes.

Overall I found your usage notes very helpful but I am still learning some stuff on my own."

Dennis Gordon

"Great product."

Elena Wright

Custom Art Glass

"Investment removes cleanly. I loved using Glass-Cast 910 and was thrilled with how it withstood over 514 hours casting time for the 29 pound piece I just finished. I didn't use a flask for this application, but threw on layers, each colored a bit differently, and because I was scared of leakage, dipped fiberglass cloth pieces into the investment for one of the layers. The fiberglass layer was probably overkill. This work was planned for one-time use but with the strength of the mold, if it hadn't had so many undercuts, the material would have withstood more castings. It left a really clean finish on the glass and the only clean up I have to do is to clean up my mistakes, which were many. I liked it so much I ordered 100 pounds more!"


James J. Kelley

"I am casting both glass and bronze on an artist level and this pushes the upper limits. Glass-Cast 910 never fails; it is strong and gives fabulous detail results every time. Stick to the water powder ratio carefully, make sure to use cold water."


Kate MacLeod

Kate MacLeod's Glass Art

"I had previously only used Glass-Cast 101 BANDUST and Glass-Cast 400 investments, but when I tried the Glass-Cast 910 investment, I was truly surprised by the ease of use and functionality of it. It is the most incredible casting material ever, and I doubt that I could find anything approaching it's equivalent if I embarked on the quest."


Matthew Day Perez

Matthew Day Perez

"The Glass-Cast 910 investment is fabulous! It is an exceptional product. I use it when teaching at various academic/creative institutions."


Terri Stanley

Terri Stanley Cast & Kilnformed Glass

"Of course I’m still casting glass with Glass-Cast 910 investment, and having wonderful results! The latest pieces have fragile areas with crisp lines and sharp edges. As always, Glass-Cast 910 investment worked perfectly for me. I've been telling all my students and glass friends about your products.”