Plasticast® investment

  • Low temperature alloys

  • Ideally suited for the investing and burnout of commonly used plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials

  • Maintains mold surface and dimensional integrity

  • Provides a smoother, cleaner casting surface not obtainable with standard brands of investment

  • Designed for easy removal in water

  • Available with BANDUST™ technology​

Customer Testimonials

MJM Jewelers

"Best casting material for milling wax. Excellent product for all casting metals. We cast a lot of wizard wax with top results."


Dennis Bacon

MJM Jewelers

"Top of the line investment. Great product. Only issue we have is it expires before we can finish a box. Excellent detail in gold and all types of silver. We cast a lot of gold and silver milled wax patterns and now cast AutoDesk ember printed models. Works great so far."