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Binder Freeze Kit Instructions

  • Instructions for testing specific gravity using a binder freeze kit

Ceramic Shell Casting


  • Recommended autoclave operating procedures to prevent or minimize shell cracking in your foundry

Binder Remixing

  • Simple and inexpensive way to remix binder, prior to use, in a drum or IBC container

Eradicate and Prevent Bacteria

  • How to test your slurry to eradicate bacteria growth and prevent the contamination from occurring

FlashFire Dewax Method

  • General process recommendations to dewax and burnout the ceramic shell

Flask Calibration and Use

  • Calibration and use of volumetric and pycnometer flasks, both commonly used to measure binder density

Purified Water for Slurries

  • Ever since colloidal silica was first introduced to the precision investment casting industry, the importance of using purified water has been evident. But why is it so important? What purification method should be used and how do you control it?

SculptaCast™ Wax FAQs

  • Frequently asked questions and answers about SculptaCast waxes

Shell Building

  • Technical tips for building a consistent shell in your foundry

Shell Inclusions

  • Most common causes for shell inclusions

Slurry Additives

  • Understand what slurry additives do, when to use them and how to use them properly

Slurry Control

  • Control the slurry in your foundry by conducting regular testing to best understand the properties of your slurry

Slurry pH

  • ​Identify and correct specific sources of declining slurry pH and apply appropriate corrective actions

Spalling of Primary Shell Coats

  • Most common causes and potential solutions for spalling of primary shell coats

SuspendaSlurry® Materials FAQs

  • Frequently asked questions and answers about SuspendaSlurry materials

Viscosity Control for Primary Slurries

  • Basic slurry control can be accomplished with viscosity and binder solids; determine what additions are required to bring a slurry back into a workable range

Viscosity Cup Correlations

  • Equivalency charts for converting between different flow cups and endpoints

Wax Pattern Defect Trouble Shooting

  • Potential causes and corrective actions for troubleshooting wax pattern related defects in your foundry

Jewelry Casting

Jewelry Injection Wax Guidelines

  • To make the most of the inherent features and benefits in your jewelry injection wax, R&R recommends following these simple guidelines

Jewelry Injection Wax Troubleshooting

  • Problems and remedies to guide you through any difficulties you may encounter with your jewelry injection waxes

Potential Causes of Jewelry Casting Defects

  • Potential causes of common jewelry casting defects

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