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Binder Freeze Kit Instructions

  • Instructions for testing specific gravity using a binder freeze kit

Ceramic Shell Casting


  • Recommended autoclave operating procedures to prevent or minimize shell cracking in your foundry

Binder Remixing

  • Simple and inexpensive way to remix binder, prior to use, in a drum or IBC container

Eradicate and Prevent Bacteria

  • How to test your slurry to eradicate bacteria growth and prevent the contamination from occurring

FlashFire Dewax Method

  • General process recommendations to dewax and burnout the ceramic shell

SculptaCast™ Wax FAQs

  • Frequently asked questions and answers about SculptaCast waxes

Shell Building

  • Technical tips for building a consistent shell in your foundry

Shell Inclusions

  • Most common causes for shell inclusions

Slurry Additives

  • Understand what slurry additives do, when to use them and how to use them properly

Slurry Control

  • Control the slurry in your foundry by conducting regular testing to best understand the properties of your slurry

Slurry pH

  • ​Identify and correct specific sources of declining slurry pH and apply appropriate corrective actions

Spalling of Primary Shell Coats

  • Most common causes and potential solutions for spalling of primary shell coats

SuspendaSlurry® Materials FAQs

  • Frequently asked questions and answers about SuspendaSlurry materials

Viscosity Control for Primary Slurries

  • Basic slurry control can be accomplished with viscosity and binder solids; determine what additions are required to bring a slurry back into a workable range

Viscosity Cup Correlations

  • Equivalency charts for converting between different flow cups and endpoints

Wax Pattern Defect Trouble Shooting

  • Potential causes and corrective actions for troubleshooting wax pattern related defects in your foundry

Jewelry Casting

Potential Causes of Jewelry Casting Defects

  • Potential causes of the following jewelry casting defects:

    • Porosity

    • Fins or flash on castings

    • Inclusion (foreign particles) in castings

    • Rough castings

    • Bubbles or nodules on casting

    • Spalling (an area of the mold wall flakes into the cavity)

    • Non-fill or incomplete castings

    • Growth-like rough casting that resists removal in pickling solution

    • Shiny castings

    • Watermarks

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